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    ▓about the same time, which had also sent ●some of its companies on naval duty, t▓aking its place on the list, and ●numbering eventually the 3rd Regim

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    ent of th●e line, or “Old Buffs.” The second t●itle was given from the colour of the facin●gs and linings of their coats●, and to it was added the t

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    erm “old” to dis▓tinguish them from the “Young Buffs,” t●he 31st, which wore the same c●olour.Several other marine regiments we●re also raised, bu

  • 我哥的女人

    t they successively disapp▓eared or were incorporated wit●h other regiments.Naval operations thems●elves were also becoming more extended,●

    a certain fixed proport▓i
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    and large fleets, rather than a few isolated s●hips, were beginning to push out, f●rom the narrow offensive-defensive actions in an●d about t

    on.But these early naval s
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    he Channel, to wider▓ seas and with greater aims.Al●l this necessitated, if any impression was ▓to be produced on the actual coasta●l people

    oldiers w▓ere practically
  • 我哥的女人

    and defences of an e▓nemy, the employment of soldiers●.Not that the effect of local naval victori▓es was less important in the past any more

    regarded as a ●mere nurs


th▓an in the future.The naval battle o●f La Hogue was, in a way, as effec●tual in checking invas

ery for the navy,

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ion as was Traf▓algar later.The very extension of the naval war▓ of 1694 to the Mediterranean gave

and when they ha●
  • Listen.

    ▓ an opening for one of these ma▓ritime operations, of which the naval and ?/p> d qualifie

  • Analyze.

    駇ilitary annals were for more than a cent▓ury to be full.The action of the a

    d as “for
  • Develop.

    ▓rmy as an irritant to the general body poli●tic of the hostile state with w

    emast men,
  • Integrate.

    hich we were● at war was to be evidenced.Thus●, in 1694, the absence of the

    ” th▓ey
  • Grow.

    French fleet in th●e130 Mediterranean led to an effort to damage th▓e French

    were draft
  • Complete.

    arsenal at Brest, for which purpose a● landing was attempted in Camaret Bay,

    ed as seam

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w●hen twelve regiments of the line and two of ●marines embarked under Talmash.Chur●chill was cur

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